Gorilla Mindset Review

Gorilla Mindset Review

Mike Cernovich really doesn’t need an introduction. He’s probably the reason you know who I am. Mike Cernovich is a lawyer, writer, speaker, and film producer. His mission is to help men and to combat dishonest mainstream media. His first book, Gorilla Mindset, is one of the best books any could read.

Gorilla Mindset is a book for people who want to get more out of life. All that matters is you want better quality living. Cernovich delivers lessons with actionable steps. To properly use this book, you have to physically do something.

Gorilla Mindset Teaches That Actions Influence Mindset

This is core tenant of the book is this: physical action influences the mind. “It’s easier to act your way in to a new style of thinking than it is to think yourself in to a new style of acting.”

The first half of the book teaches techniques to control of your mind. As a boxer, I was impressed by his techniques for improving mindfulness. Cernovich takes what fighters learn over years—how to focus during a fight—and condenses it to one chapter.

Mindfulness improves your quality of life. This is because it requires 100% of yourself, unified and coordinated, into the moment.

Regardless of your goal, there are great benefits to mindfulness. You gain a large advantage of your competitors if you can you remain grounded during chaos.

The exercises is Gorilla Mindset for developing mindfulness are brilliant.

Gorilla Mindset

Gorilla Mindset Teaches Emotional Control

Cernovich also teaches how to control your mood. Warning: these exercise feel strange. Cernovich advises you to do them alone. The exercises are adapted from NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. I’ve done versions of them before and got a lot from them. The Gorilla Mindset adaptations are excellent.

Your success depends on emotional. Gorilla Mindset teaches you to control your emotions.

Mindfulness techniques and emotional control techniques are powerfully combined. This allows Cernovich to teach how to develop focus. Focus is key to achieving a better quality of life. You must have control of to better focus,

Cernovich teaches how to focus as well as how to ignore distractions. Emotional control and mental focus make it possible to get anything in the world.

The first half of the book is to build the machine. The second half of the book is teaching the machine how to get things done.

The Second Half of Gorilla Mindset

Cernovich devotes the second half of Gorilla Mindset to lifestyle, health, fitness, and finance. The techniques in the first half of the book are applied in the second half. Each chapter has a plan of action, information, supporting citations, and interviews with experts on thee topics.

To get the most out of Gorilla Mindset, the reader must act. It’s possible to read Gorilla Mindset like a novel, but that’s a waste. Cernovich provides countless exercises and worksheets at the end of each chapter. He stresses that Gorilla Mindset is a workbook and he presents it to you as such.

Ultimately, this is a book for developing the proper mindset—the Gorilla Mindset—to get the life you want. It takes work, but the book will get you there as long as you put the work in.

Everyone should get a copy. Even if things are going well now, it can get refocused if your life is off track.

Gorilla Mindset

Gorilla Mindset

Gorilla Mindset

Practical Advice


    Mindset Shift


      Lifestyle Improvement


        Ease of Implementation



          • All action
          • Expert guest chapters
          • Excellent Approach to topic


          • Will force you out of your comfort zone

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